Travertine is a popular name in tile flooring, and if you’ve given any thought at all to installing tile in your home, it is definitely a product you’ll want to consider. It offers many benefits as a flooring option, and we have a great selection for you to choose from here at Floor Coverings International Western NC.


How It’s Formed

Travertine is a natural stone tile in the limestone family. It is formed when calcium carbonate is dissolved into ground water and then deposited by rivers, natural hot springs, or geysers. Layers of the material build up as the water evaporates and the sedimentary rock we know as travertine is formed in the process. Depending on the specifics of the environment it is formed in, other minerals can be deposited along with the calcium carbonate and these create the speckled and veiny patterns that travertine is known for.


Why It’s Sought After

Travertine vein cutBeauty

Travertine is particularly popular because of its varied, natural patterns, which make it a beautiful addition to any home. Whether it is cross cut (horizontally along the layers) or vein cut (vertically through the layers), the diversity of travertine’s appearance produces a highly desirable look that works well with almost any décor.


The wide range of colors that can be found in travertine, as a consequence of the different minerals that may be embedded in it, make it a very versatile choice in tile. Travertine is also appropriate for many locations throughout the home, including floors, walls, countertops, and fireplaces. It is also approved for indoor and outdoor use, and when not polished it makes a smart choice for wet areas such as bathrooms or pool patios, due to its ability to quickly absorb water.


As with other stone tile options, travertine is very durable. Consider the fact that the Colosseum in Rome is made from travertine and was finished in 80 AD! When properly maintained, your floor should easily last as long as your home, and this makes travertine a smart long-term choice for homes here in the Asheville & Hendersonville area.Travertine cross cut


Another benefit of travertine is that it is a moderately priced natural stone tile. It is generally less expensive than marble and granite. And as with other natural stone options, travertine offers good resale value, which means it is also an investment in your property.


All of these considerations together make travertine an excellent choice for your home flooring needs. We have many choices that will work for you at Floor Coverings International Western NC. Contact us today to arrange a free, in-home consultation with one of our dedicated flooring experts!


Photo Credit: maninthebox, Kelly vanDellen