Laminate flooring continues to grow in popularity in the Asheville & Hendersonville areas. To get you started in your search, our flooring experts at Floor Coverings International Western NC answer some of our most commonly asked laminate flooring questions below.

laminate flooring

What is laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is a synthetic flooring surface made of four different layers fused together with extremely high heat. The backing or balancing layer protects from moisture and stabilizes the floor plank. The core layer or inner core is made from high-density fiberboard (HDF). HDF is made from wood fibers and saturated in resin to make the layer extremely strong and water resistant. Next, the design or pattern layer is what you see when walking on laminate flooring. This layer is made to simulate many types of surfaces with its high-resolution photographic technology. Finally, the wear layer is a clear melamine resin to protect the design layer from daily wear and tear.

What is laminate tile flooring?

Laminate tile flooring has a tile-look design layer made to emulate all kinds of real tile flooring. Our customers like a variety of laminate tile images, such as ceramic, porcelain, travertine, marble, granite, and slate. One advantage to laminate tile flooring is its ease and price of installation. It is faster and less expensive to install than real tile flooring.

What is laminate wood flooring?

Laminate wood flooring has a wood-look design layer and can appear indistinguishable from real hardwood. Laminate wood can also be more durable than engineered hardwood floors, providing more scratch and stain resistance. Homeowners seeking higher-end hardwood designs can also save money choosing specific laminate wood flooring images.


We know you probably have many more questions about laminate flooring. Go ahead and give our flooring experts at Floor Coverings International Western NC a call. We offer free in-home estimates!


Photo credit: welzevoul