Plank HW Flooring -©Lyashenko EgorHere at Floor Coverings International Western NCwe provide quality flooring with hundreds of different styles and plank hardwood flooring is one that is in demand! Plank hardwood flooring is generally the term used for any hardwood that comes in a width of three inches or greater. Hardwood plank flooring comes in almost as many varieties as there are wood, such as maple, cherry, and oak.

This style of wood flooring first gained popularity in North America with the American settlers of the 17th century, who used cut plank flooring from old growth forests. Now, in the 21st century, this style has re-surged once again. Wider planks, which can go up to 12 inches in width, are becoming increasingly desired in residential settings. In fact, there has even been movement recently to reclaim planks from old buildings and log cabins to re-purpose them in modern settings.

If you like the wide plank look, there are many different options. Some styles are actually distressed by hand to replicate the reclaimed look and give the plank a vintage feel. We even have wide plank laminate flooring if you’re on a budget!

If you would like to explore this look or have questions about how a wide plank hardwood floor would look in your home, give the design associates and flooring experts at Floor Coverings International Western NC a call! We serve the greater Asheville & Hendersonville area and can provide you with samples and expert advice.


Photo Credit: Lyashenko Egor