Homeowners across the Asheville area continue to rank carpet as one of their favorite flooring options. Carpet is a great choice for those looking for comfort, style, affordability, and noise reduction. Our flooring experts at Floor Coverings International Western NC take a closer look at some benefits of carpet in this article.
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Comfort of Carpet

Many people say that carpet is the most comfortable flooring surface. This is especially true in cold climates where harder surfaces can become very chilly. Nothing quite beats the feeling of waking up and running your bare toes through those bedroom carpet fibers. Carpet keeps you insulated better than other flooring surfaces because its pile construction acts as a natural insulator.

Style of Carpet

No other flooring surface offers such a vast array of color options. If you can think of a color, there’s probably a carpet color to match. Also, the style and color of a carpet can add a lot of softness to a room. Installing carpet is a tried-and-true way of adding a spark to your home.

Affordability of Carpet

This one is variable, depending on which type of carpet we install. The least expensive carpet can rival any other flooring surface in price. Also, carpet acts as a thermal barrier to keep in warm air longer. This results in less money spent on heating bills.

Noise Reduction of Carpet

There’s a reason why apartment complexes frequently outfit their upper floors with carpet—it’s a natural noise reducer. Carpet provides a sound insulation between floors. It also significantly makes in-room volume more consistent and tolerable. This is true with human voices, television volume, and other loud noises. Children running through the home won’t make such a jarring noise.

These are just a few of the positive features carpet has to offer. Our experts at Floor Coverings International Western NC are on hand to answer your questions and calls. We proudly serve the Asheville & Hendersonville areas.

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