Floor Coverings International Western NC is your local Berber carpet expert for the greater Asheville & Hendersonville area. This durable flooring option has been around for years, and remains popular to this day.



The term “Berber” is often used loosely in the flooring industry. Berber is a type of “loop” carpet, and these two terms have sometimes become synonymous. They are not however the same – not all loop carpet is made with the quality of Berber. The name Berber actually refers to a specific kind of weave that involves affixing both sides of each fiber to the carpet’s back, creating a tight loop. This style of carpet weaving originated in North Africa, where it was used to make rugs, cloaks and carpet. Traditionally, Berber carpet was made of wool and features flecks of other colors, as you can see in the photo. Wool is still the best material available, but today you can also find Berber carpets made with blends of different materials or made solely from synthetic materials like olefin, polyester and nylon.

Advantages of Berber

  • Berber carpet is very durable compared to other carpeting. The tight loops resist fraying and don’t easily show marks from foot traffic or furniture.
  • Berber carpet is stain-resistant, making it a favorite for high traffic areas.
  • Lastly, Berber carpet offers a lot of traction underfoot, so people often use it on staircases.

Disadvantages of Berber

  • Traditional Berber carpet that’s made from wool can be quite expensive relative to other carpets, so if you’re not looking to make a large investment it may not be the right option for you.
  • Another common complaint we hear about Berber carpet is that the tight loops can sometimes make it difficult to clean well with a vacuum.
  • Berber may not be the best option for a household with pets either. If you have pets with long claws, the loops could get caught on them and unravel.


The main choice you’ll have with Berber carpet is color. Most Berber carpets are in neutral tones like white, cream and olive. As mentioned, another classic Berber style has a flecked design. This features a neutral base color with flecks of darker hues. The flecked design is a great option for high traffic areas because even if a small stain occurs, the flecks will help to mask it.

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Photo Credit (Top to Bottom): PhIllStudioAnne Kitzman