Area rugs are a simple, powerful way to enhance the look and feel of any room in your Asheville & Hendersonville area home, as well as serving as decorative centerpieces in your room. Use them throughout your home to soften up hard-surface flooring such as hardwood, laminate, or ceramic flooring. At Floor Coverings International Western NC we offer a great selection of quality area rugs, and our design experts are ready to help you find the perfect one for your project.

Wide Selection

Area rugs come in a nearly endless variety of colors, shapes, sizes, textures, materials, patterns and more, so guaranteed there is one that will work perfectly for any location in your home. Since area rugs come in a variety of sizes and shapes, you can also find one that will complement any individual or set of furniture you have. As more Americans are enjoying outdoor living spaces, they’re incorporating outdoor area rugs into patio and deck designs. These rugs are extremely durable as they have to battle the elements while still beautifying a space.

Area Rug Benefits

Rugs offer an easy way to update your home’s flooring without investing in a large installation project. We often recommend them to homeowners who want to protect their flooring as well. If you have floors that are prone to scratching and damage from foot traffic in a busy part of your home, an area rug could be the perfect addition.

Area rugs also do a great job of adding comfort and warmth to cold spaces. If you have cold stone floors that you would like to make warmer, try adding a large, plush area rug .

Our Services

Our experienced experts are ready to help you finish your project. To learn more about which area rug is the perfect fit for your space, please give us a call at Floor Coverings International Western NC to discuss area rugs for your home.

 Photo by Fallen-Angel, used under Public Domain through Creative Commons License Zero (CC0 1.0).