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Thinking about new floors for your home? It’s tempting to stick with a classic like hardwood or carpet when the time comes for a large home flooring project. But, at Floor Coverings International of Western North Carolina and Asheville, we encourage you to think outside the box! Durable, ergonomic and low-maintenance, rubber flooring is a great option for residential spaces. It also comes in a variety of colors with both matte and sleek finishes. But where should you use it? We’ve put together a list of spaces in your home that could benefit from a comfortable and easy-to-clean rubber floor.

Recreation Room

Rubber is great option for a recreation room where kids will play the day away. It’s very durable, so you don’t have to worry about damage. It’s also relatively soft and forgiving so if your child takes a tumble the floor it won’t hurt them too much.


Floors in food preparation areas are unavoidably subject to spills and accidental debris. Rubber is stain-resistant, so it can stand up to these mishaps easily. Modern kitchens often have a sleek, industrial look that works great with a rubber floor.

Laundry Room

Rubber floors are water-resistant. This makes them a great option for the laundry room, where water spills are a likely possibility. Plus, the ergonomic benefits of the floor will feel good on your joints as you fold socks and towels.


Water and dirt are often hard to avoid in the mudroom. This is another place where the durability of rubber floors comes into play.


Water-resistance is a must for bathroom floors. This makes rubber a great choice. Spice up your bathroom with a brightly colored rubber floor that’s sure to make a statement.

Exercise Room

The most popular option for rubber floors is of course the home gym. The elasticity of the floor is great for joints during your workout, and the water resistance is ideal when you sweat. The customers at Floor Coverings International of Asheville often choose this because it’s easy to install and lasts for years.

Photo Credit: Ilia Kaziev