If you are interested in a natural stone tile floor for your Asheville & Hendersonville area home, slate tile could be the perfect option for you. Natural stone tile floors like slate, ceramic and travertine have been installed in homes and commercial spaces for centuries. Slate in particular is elegant, extremely dense and durable, and surprisingly easy to take care of. At Floor Coverings International Western NC we often recommend it to our customers who are interested in stone floors.


Slate Tile Background

Slate is a fine-grained metamorphic rock that often comes from a sedimentary rock called shale. It can be found in deposits all over the world. When it’s cut, it is known for flaking off in thin sheets, so it has to be sectioned into large slabs and cured before it’s turned into sheets for your floor, roof or countertop.


Your Texture Options

When you decide on slate tile flooring, you have a few texture options. When slate is unfinished it has a naturally rough surface. Some people like this look, while others prefer a smooth, polished finished. Here are the most common options available:


Sometimes the surface of these tiles are lightly sanded to avoid sharp edges, but other than this the slate’s natural surface is left alone. This results in a rough, textured finish. One benefit of this is that your floor with be non-slip.


As you might suspect, this style is polished and smooth so that the surface shines like porcelain tile. This look is great for more formal areas as it adds a certain elegance to a room.


These tiles are sanded so that rough edges are removed, but some of the natural texture still remains. This is a more general category; you can find honed slate tiles that are polished, and styles that are left natural.


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Photo Credit: stocksolution